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What Can You Do With a Geography Degree? | Career opportunities for a Geography Degree holder

While other university students may have made fun of you for studying geography by saying that it was just “colouring in”, you will have developed vital research and analytical skills, which many employers highly value.


Also, studying geography is an excellent place to start if you want to change the world. online geography tutoring delivered by expert tutors can set you on your way. An A level geography tutor delivering expert online geography tuition is the ideal starting point.


Careers in geography provide opportunities to create solutions to contemporary society’s most pressing problems, such as population growth, overpopulation, multiculturalism, climate change, and natural disasters.

Whether or not you have studied physical or human geography may affect your career path as a geographer. The former is a social science that focuses on issues relating to human communities and cultures. In contrast, the latter is a natural science that concentrates on the physical components and processes of the Earth. It also mixes human geography with quantitative analysis methods to provide a detailed study of it.


Whatever career path you choose, it is advised to make an effort to gain work experience in your chosen field to gain knowledge of the positions available and to network. Getting practical experience and developing your skills through fieldwork are beneficial. Like many universities, yours might also allow you to complete work placements.

Continue reading to learn more about the geography careers that would be best for you and how to improve your employability in these fields.

Typical careers in Geography 

Environmental consultant | Environmental consultant jobs for Geography graduates

Environmental consultants work to make sure that their corporate or governmental clients follow the law and take care of various environmental management issues. This is a varied position that typically involves desk research and fieldwork to determine whether a region of land, air, or water is polluted and what the impact would be.


The opportunity for a structured career path with the potential to specialise in a field of interest is provided by the environmental consultancy. For entry into this position, work experience in environmental planning would be beneficial. Potential employers for this position include the government and water-related organisations.


Cartographer | Work as a Cartographer with Geography related work experience

The creation of various maps, as well as associated diagrams, charts, spreadsheets, and travel guides, are all part of careers in cartography. Old maps and historical documents may need to be restored as part of your job as a cartographer. There are many industries where they are employed, including publishing, government, and conservation. Being a surveyor, they occasionally conduct surveys as well. The field now frequently uses various cutting-edge technologies, including digital mapping methods and geographic information systems.


You won’t typically need a postgraduate degree in geography or prior experience for this position. Still, you might find it helpful if you’ve completed a specialised degree course related to geography, like remote sensing, and gained some real-world experience.

Town planner | Town planner having Geography as a degree subject

You might manage and develop not only towns but also cities, villages, and rural areas in your capacity as a town planner. To improve current infrastructure, address environmental issues, and make sure new developments adhere to various policies and regulations, you will use your analytical abilities and ecological knowledge.


You’ll be responsible for meeting the needs of local businesses and communities while ensuring that development is sustainable and that the environment is preserved as much as possible. To improve your chances of becoming a chartered town planner, you probably need a postgraduate qualification.

Geographical information systems (GIS) officer | Find a career as a GIS Officer with a Geography graduate’s CV

This position might be proper for you if you’re interested in working with data, analytics, and computer systems in addition to the environment. Systems for collecting, storing, analysing, managing, and presenting complex geographic information, like radar, are known as geographic information systems.

GIS officers are responsible for collecting and reviewing the geographical data produced by GIS. The information can inform decisions that are better for the environment in several fields, including defence, meteorology, oil, gas, telecommunications, and transportation.


It is helpful to have taken GIS as a module during your undergraduate studies if you are applying for this degree. A relevant postgraduate degree or work experience is highly valued by employers.

Conservation officer | Conservation officer job for a Geography graduate

Become a conservation officer if you are passionate about the environment and want to inspire people to value and protect the natural world. In this line of work, you will strive to preserve the natural world and spread knowledge about how the community can benefit from its surroundings without harming it. A sustainable development officer would do the same thing by promoting their specific employer’s sustainability initiatives in the community. A master’s degree in sustainable development may be helpful, and it is imperative to gain relevant work experience through paid or volunteer work to improve your chances of pursuing this career.

Other careers in geography | Non-typical career areas you could find interesting with a Geography degree

Landscape architect | Job roles as a Landscape architect

This position might be proper for you if you want to explore your creative side while protecting the environment. To make sure that the open spaces around us are not only aesthetically pleasing but also secure and sustainable, landscape architects create, design, and manage them. You must complete an accredited postgraduate degree in architecture to work as a landscape architect. You will have access to a wide range of jobs in this industry.

Teacher/lecturer | Teaching Geography and Environmental science to Geography students | Field trips with students

As a geography teacher in a secondary school, college, or other education facility, you may also want to teach the next generation transferable skills like geography. Similar to other teaching positions, this typically calls for completing a specialised teaching qualification as well as a master's or PhD-level study. Excellent communication skills, creativity, and dedication to your subject are required. Additionally, you’ll need to stay current on geography news and may want to plan field trips as a hands-on learning strategy.

Politics or non-profit organisations

A future career in politics or the non-profit sector would benefit greatly from the skills and knowledge that geography programmes, especially those with a human geography focus, can help students develop. It’s a good idea to participate in political parties at your university or to assume leadership positions in organisations if you want to go into politics. Similar to how volunteering for environmental charities will give you an advantage in the non-profit world.

There are still many options if none of the aforementioned geography careers strikes your fancy. Your undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree will equip you to succeed in a wide range of careers in fields ranging from business and the public sector to transportation and tourism.