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Where to watch interesting movies without commercials?

Nowadays, advertising follows us everywhere: from street banners to advertisements on the Internet. Often you have to pay for the absence of advertising by subscribing, but if you use free sites, then when watching movies, the plot will be interrupted by annoying loud videos, and on the sites themselves you can see a large number of bright banners and other animation. Another significant disadvantage is the nature of such advertising. It is not uncommon to encounter banners selling dubious supplements or advertising gambling - not a good example for the younger generation.

Where to watch interesting movies without commercials?

Fortunately, especially for movie buffs, there is a site called 123Moviesfree, where you can watch entertainment and other content without ads, without having to use ad blockers or install special browser extensions.

What movies you can watch on the streaming platform

"Repertoire" will pleasantly surprise fans of diversity: there is everything from unobtrusive comedies to serious dramas.

You can watch melodramas and other movies with a romantic plot, which will be a great choice for Valentine's Day. For fans of adrenaline and over-the-top emotions, there are horror and thriller movies, including content with violent elements and explicit scenes, for which there are age restrictions.

Dramas and social dramas with a heavy life plot - another genre that makes you think and analyze what is happening on the screen, make the appropriate conclusions.

And for those who prefer self-development, we offer documentaries about space, science and animals - all videos are presented in decent quality, so you can admire the beauty of the world around you from a large TV screen.

Advantages of watching movies without commercials on 123Movies

Here are the advantages of the platform that will interest people who are in love with movies:

      A lot of

movies and interesting TV shows

      of different genres, and all series are added in a timely manner, right after the release on the official sites. You will appreciate the genre diversity, you can watch a melodrama one day, and another day - to familiarize yourself with a new action movie. Convenient search, in which you can select the country, genre or year of release. The site also has a form where you can simply enter one or more keywords: the search results will be available within a few seconds. This way you can quickly find a movie if you remember its title. Absence of advertising and laconic design of the site. Nothing will distract you from watching your favorite TV show or the exciting plot of an adventure movie. There is no need to install additional browser extensions that disable ads. The developers have come up with a comfortable application for both smartphone and Android TV. There are also absolutely no ads, in addition, the downloading of video is faster. A variety of settings: you can enable and disable subtitles, choose the language for them, font size, choose the optimal quality. The application also allows you to download videos to your device, so you can

watch them later without the Internet


Interested in a certain movie, but you don't have time to watch it right now? Just add it to your favorites, which is a folder of movies that you can return to at any time - so you won't miss out on anything.

In summary, 123Movies is a modern platform for watching movies and TV shows where you won't encounter intrusive ads, flashy banners and loud videos promoting weight loss products and other questionable products. Registration will be required for certain features, but the browsing itself is available without registration. If you still want to use all the features, it is enough to specify your login and e-mail address - a link to confirm the registration procedure will be sent to this address.